Email Roundtable #54 – Orphan Black Once Again

This week, Kerri and Katie attempt to discuss the first four episodes of season 4 of Orphan Black.

Kerri: Well, Katie, welcome back to Clone Club. While we’ve lost most of the Castor Clones this season (thank god, or whatever higher power you pray to as a Neolutionist – science, I guess?), we’ve gained some Leda clones, namely M.K., aka Mika, aka Veera Suominin. We’ve also made it to episode 4, “From Instinct to Rational Control”, in this fourth season and we’re veering toward what is likely to be the story arc of this year, that of the Brightborn project and a new nemesis in the form of the luminous and way too perfect looking, Evie Cho. I know you planned on doing some “research” before staring this Roundtable, Katie. With that additional knowledge in mind, would you like to give a general rundown of where we are in this sprawling story, if that’s even possible? Continue reading

Email Roundtable #28 – Orphan Black

Orphan BlackThis week on the roundtable we continue with our Summer Television Secret Santa. Kerri gifted the Canadian sci-fi show, Orphan Black, to Katie. Below is their conversation about the show.

Kerri: Can I be a total pain in the butt and ask you to give our readers a brief summary of the show?

Katie: Orphan Black is a hour-long sci-fi drama that revolves around the steely and smart small time crook, Sarah Manning. When Sarah discovers a woman who looks exactly like her, Sarah’s world and identity is altered forever. Continue reading