Gillian Jacobs’ Face: the Heart of Love


WARNING SPOILERS in the last paragraph

Like most Judd Apatow offerings, Love is a mixed bag. Created by Apatow, Paul Rust, and Lesley Arfin the Netflix Original series stars Gillian Jacobs and Rust as star-crossed love interests Mickey and Gus. I binge-watched Love over a weekend and have piles and piles of notes on the show. The pilot is contrived, the pace is sluggish and Paul Rust (while comically effective) over-plays his hand when given material that’s emotional. However, none of that is what I want to talk about. Continue reading

Television Secret Santa – Married

Over the holidays we decided to treat ourselves to some quality shows by doing another round of TV Secret Santas. This time, instead of picking shows for each other, we all wrote down the names of various shows (which we had either seen and wanted others to watch or hadn’t seen at all) and did a random blind pick out of a Santa hat (or in our case a Ziploc bag). This week Jane discusses her pick, Married. Continue reading

The Best Time Ever, is.



I had heard a little bit about The Best Time Ever but was hesitant to tune in. Despite my love of the show’s host, Neil Patrick Harris, I assumed that a live Variety Show would be campy and lame and not much fun. When nothing else was on three weeks ago I decided to give it a shot, as at the very least I could hate watch it. I’m happy to report that The Best Time Ever, really is just that. Continue reading

A Cornucopia of TV Thanks


In the spirit of giving thanks to all we are grateful for this weekend, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank television. That big black box that is always just a click away from filling the room with light, happiness and the comfort of all my favorite characters. It would be impossible to capture all the reasons I am thankful for TV so I narrowed it down to some moments I’m thankful for this week. Continue reading