Shout Out Show and Tell: Episode 2

Here are my shout outs from TV this week:

How to Get Away with Murder is a lot of fun to watch. It’s this crazily addictive, sudsy melodrama staring Viola Davis and some other people. It twists and loops at breakneck speeds with little room for character development. If you blink you’ll miss a plot point.  I don’t watch it for the acting, however, Viola Davis consistently turns in a powerhouse performance. She spins lines like “Prayers are for the weak – I’ll stick to beating your ass in court” and “Why is your penis on a dead girls’ phone?” into character gold. Davis has crafted Annalise Keating through sheer talent and determination. No other actor on the show can come close to matching her and that’s generally OK. BUT in episode 13, when Davis is given Cicely Tyson to play with we are treated to another dimension of greatness . The pair deliver a stripped down feat of brilliance that leaves you hanging on Tyson’s every word and Davis’ every emotion.

Here are a couple of clips from a YouTube binge that make me happy for different reasons.

I always forget how much I love Bob’s Burgers until I’m watching it. It’s just so darn unassuming that I forget what a perfect show it is. My favourite character is Gene. I kind of want to be him. He has this boundless confidence and the kid just knows himself so well. Like, he’s afraid of snakes. And he’s OK with that.

While Bob’s Burger’s makes me feel good about life, Wunder Showzen does the opposite. Who did YOU exploit today?


Even in Toronto I wake up to CTV Morning Live Winnipeg every weekday. In this fast, big city it is comforting to be greeted by familiar faces every morning. I guess that’s why i was unexpectedly affected by the departure of anchor Eleanor Coopsammy. She is bright and warm and hilarious and makes me think of home. AND she loves goats!



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