“Last Supper” and the circular structure of Broad City

broadcity2Season one of Broad City is over. I feel as though I just met a super rad chick, then we became best friends, then she got a fantastic job opportunity in another country. I’m super proud of her but bummed that I won’t be seeing her for a while. “WE DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TOGETHER!” And while I contemplate my jealousy for the new people in Broad City’s life, then hate myself for that jealousy, I sit back and remember that the show is not a person and that Broad City has been renewed for a second season. Phew.

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Broad City episode 1

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City

It’s been a funny few weeks of TV-watching. The Olympics have been on, forcing most of my favourite shows into hiatus, yet I’ve been laughing out loud more than usual. This was the week that I finally checked out Key and Peele (a sketch show that critics and friends alike have been saying I really should watch.) Would recommend. Not usually a fan of late-night television, I decided to watch Jimmy Fallon’s first episode on the Tonight Show for the novelty of sharing an experience with those who probably do care who the host of the Tonight Show is. I was pleasantly surprised. Would watch again. I also re-watched Extras on DVD, and like clockwork, laughed at David Bowie’s impromptu song about Andy Millman. The phrase “See his pug-nosed face” never fails to amuse.

While enjoying this sampling platter of comedy TV, I found two shows that I’m really excited about. Both are half-hour comedies and both are on Comedy Central. Very few TV shows consistently make me laugh out loud, and even fewer make me LOL while recalling past episodes. Even though using the phrase “LOL’ing” makes me sound like a dumb-dumb, I stand by it, because LOL’ing is exactly what makes me fall in love with a comedy. I can appreciate a show that makes me smile inwardly, but loyalty is forged through the act of laughing out loud. Continue reading