The Man Who News Too Much

I am part of the problem, I should stay away. But I can’t. 24-hour news is a morass of fear mongering and finger-pointing. No information is given. No issues are resolved. Yet, I consume a good deal of it in my daily TV gorge. I have previously discussed Fox News’ Red Eye and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. These shows sort of know that they are in the muck and mire of the never-ending news juggernaut and get through their respective programs with a wink and a smile. Most poo-poo cable news as its widest audience comes from out-of-context Daily Show clips, but I have endured wide stretches of such infotainment. For the most part, the rest of day, the genre is overwrought jargon, jingoism and partisan clap-trap. And I love it. This is partly from my love of pro-wrestling, distinct lines of good guy vs bad guy. Wrestling is the last great burlesque, aside from cable news that is. The hosts of these shows are experts on everything: Immigration, Ebola, Aerodynamics. We can dismiss this as the death of actual news, and be highfalutin, but I celebrate this unique forum. I could go on about the hosts political leanings and partisanship and what qualifies as news but that to me is boring and has been beaten to death. I would rather nitpick the people that decided to or got roped into this world. Continue reading

…But Nobody I Know Watches That…

Written and conceived by Raphael Saray

I implore you for true tolerance. To strip away pre conceived notions. You may be offended when I say Fox News. Its very existence may cause you to shudder or “like” an anti-Fox Facebook page. Many people in my sphere of influence’s relationship with Fox News comes from Daily Show clips and Colbert Report skewering. But one show has never been touched by them and if you like Jon, Stephen, or even Bill Maher you may enjoy this particular “news” program. Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld has  probably been my consistent favorite tv show for the past few years. It’s on Fox News at 2 am. Continue reading