Email Roundtable #22 – For Immediate Release: Don Draper is No Superman


In this edition of the Email Roundtable we take a look at the latest episode of Mad Men, “For Immediate Release”, and season 6 as a whole.

Katie: Briefly put, I thought “For Immediate Release” was one hell of a treat! I love the Don Draper that makes impulsive decisions without regard to consequences. But I loved Joan even more. Man, that was one great spankin’ she gave Don. Continue reading

Mad Men is allowed to do whatever it wants

New York, 1968

New York, 1968

If you aren’t up to date on Mad Men and don’t want anything spoiled, please don’t read on.

While watching this week’s episode of Mad Men, “To Have and To Hold”, I came to the conclusion that Mad Men is the only show on TV that is allowed to do whatever it wants. The storylines can include anything and it can be shot in any style. As for content: Sex? Yup. Lots of it. Nudity? No, but not because it can’t. The show is so sexy that nudity would be redundant. Gore? How about Pete’s girlfriend’s pulpy face? Or that time a foot was run over by a lawnmower?

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Email Roundtable #9 – A Few of Our Favorite Things of 2012 – Part 1

In the interest of it being a particularly busy time of the year and because it is also the time of year for lists we thought we would forego our regularly scheduled Email Roundtable. Instead, we have each asked each other about a few of our favourite things from 2012. We attempt to discuss those things here. **Warning: this article probably contains spoilers**

What this exercise taught us, is that we all love Christina Hendricks.

What this exercise taught us is that we all love Christina Hendricks.

Katie asks Kerri: What was your favorite episode from any TV show? (pt. 2, what were you doing while watching it?)

I’m going to cheat a bit answering my questions so please bear with me (and I plan to discuss more of my favorite episodes and moments in my next blog post). The sexy answer to this question is “Christmas Waltz, an episode of Mad Men that includes one of my favorite scenes in an episode of TV this year: the one with Don and Joan at the bar. Continue reading