I Haven’t Seen the Last Mad Men Yet, So There’s This…


Always felt weird blogging and therefore sharing my TV tastes and passions. For me TV watching has always been something private, perhaps intimate. I really like TV that’s just for me. I loved staying up late on Friday nights for CKND to show an Australian 70’s cop show spoof called Funky Squad. I like watching American college football. Nobody I know watches it so I don’t have to get into the hulking morass of chit-chat.  I don’t think consciously, but it has worked out that I’ve missed a lot of “hit” TV. Never seen a full episode of The Big Bang Theory, or How I Met Your Mother. Don’t know the names of the broke girls.  I watch Full Throttle Saloon about a stressed bar owner trying to run a biker bar while, among other things, trying to find out who took Fajita Mike’s fajita meat. I’m ignorant of The Americans, Girls, and many other things that this blog touches on.

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