Susan 313

Yesterday, Sarah Silverman posted the pilot episode of Susan 313 to her Youtube page. The pilot was made for NBC, but they didn’t pick it up. I was a big fan of The Sarah Silverman Program, so I may be biased but I was quite impressed by Susan 313. The show would have been about a woman in her late ’30s, who returns to her old apartment when she leaves an extremely codependent relationship. The big triumph in the episodes occurs when Susan figures out how to fix the water at her place (by calling the super.) Continue reading

Speculation of Late


The much ballyhoo about NBC’s recent late night kafuffle is in stark contrast to the eerie calm-before-the-storm over at CBS. There are no plans for who will take over from David Letterman. I’ve been a fan of Dave my whole life. To me he is the root of modern TV. The godfather of post-modern ironic snark. Being clever enough to do stupid stuff, his show in the 80’s was an assault on TV itself. I got into him more during the CBS run. By that time Letterman clones and devotees were all over the entertainment landscape; snark sort of seeped into the cultural milieu. He is also the best late night interviewer. Continue reading