Email Roundtable #34 – Twin Peaks


Jane: This week on the roundtable we continue with our Fall Television Secret Santa. Jane gifted Katie the first Season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is about a lot of things, but basically, it is the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer.

Katie, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your viewing experience.

Katie: Well, let me start off by saying that I respect that Twin Peaks is a favourite of yours and Kerri’s but I just hated it. The pilot took me a week to watch (in 5 minute increments.) Continue reading

Susan 313

Yesterday, Sarah Silverman posted the pilot episode of Susan 313 to her Youtube page. The pilot was made for NBC, but they didn’t pick it up. I was a big fan of The Sarah Silverman Program, so I may be biased but I was quite impressed by Susan 313. The show would have been about a woman in her late ’30s, who returns to her old apartment when she leaves an extremely codependent relationship. The big triumph in the episodes occurs when Susan figures out how to fix the water at her place (by calling the super.) Continue reading

Email Roundtable #33 – Spaced

This week on the roundtable we continue with our Fall Television Secret Santa. Katie gifted Kerri the British comedy from 1999, Spaced. Below is their conversation about the show.

SpacedKatie: Well Kerri, was I right or was I right? Daisy is the best.

Kerri: You were so, so, so right. Not only is Daisy the best character on Spaced but she’s also now one of my favourite female TV characters of all time. She’s right up there with Liz Lemon in my books.

Katie: And Peggy Olson!

Before we get too far into details, want to give a brief description of Spaced for our lovely readers?

Kerri: Spaced is a show about two friends, Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) and Daisy Steiner (Jessica Hynes, nee Stevenson), that pretend to be a couple in order to rent a flat. Once they successfully rent the apartment, they find that it is populated by a hilarious mishmash of characters, like the constantly drunk building owner, Marsha, and the disturbed artist, Brian. The show plays around with genre convention and there are an abundance of pop-culture references.

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Email Roundtable #31 – Fall Television Secret Santa

This week, and for a number of the weeks to follow, we will be doing Fall Television Secret Santa. We each “randomly” chose a name and were given the job of gifting a television show to that person. This week we will be discussing the person we drew, the show we chose for them and why. In the coming weeks we will be pairing down our roundtable to two and interviewing our Secret Santa about the show they were gifted (or forced) to watch. The rules state that you may watch as much or as little of the show as you like and that the gift giver must have seen at least a portion of the show as well. 

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My Stories are Back!

Happy September everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the last warm glows of sunshine before the Canadian winter slips its cold fingers into your fleece onesie. September is a great month, no? It is the time for buckling down, falling into routines and squirreling away all those happy memories of summer. Also, it just happens to be the month where, one by one, old and new shows return to our TVs and PVRs. Now, while the promise of brand-spankin’ new TV has never did it for me, the return of my stories does warm the cockles of heart. So, in the spirit of the season, here are three short reviews of some of my favourite returning programs. Continue reading

Email Roundtable #27 – Top of the Lake

This week on the roundtable we continue with our Summer Television Secret Santa. Katie gifted the TV mini-series, Top of the Lake, to Jane. Below is their conversation about the show.

Top of the LakeKatie: So Jane, Top of the Lake. Any thoughts off the top?

Jane: I really enjoyed the series. I think the pilot was my favorite episode. The opening scene was stunning. Watching Tui walk into the water was so emotional for me, which was quite a feat of story telling. I did not know this girl or her story, but it was still incredibly sad. The entire series was beautifully shot.

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BritFlix: British Television on Netflix to Accompany Your Tea and Crumpets

by Rob Ross

I love British television. Being weened as a child on Faulty Towers and Are You Being Served? has left me predisposed to favour the humour of our once imperial overlords. Nowadays, itʼs not so much the antics of John Cleese that have me returning to the annals of BBC as it is the distinctly un-North American approach to violence and sexuality (aka: less of the former, more of the latter). Lucky for us in Canuckia, Netflix is a trove of British programs and mini-series. While Peep Show and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace arenʼt available (to my fist-shaking chagrin), there is still good many shows from which to choose. Let the secret Union Jacks of your hearts merrily flap in the flatulent winds of this beans-for-breakfast culture.

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Stuff to watch on Netflix this summer

Hot hot daySometimes it’s too darn hot to do stuff outside. On those occasions, there’s Netflix. Here are five of my recommendations if you find yourself ready and willing to plow through a season or two of TV this summer. All of these shows are available on Netflix Canada.


1. Justified
Availability: seasons 1 & 2 of 4
Type of show: Drama
Mood you should be in: Cheering for the good guy

Justified is a story about Federal Marshall Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) and all the crooks and baddies that he has to chase and put away. It’s a fun, fast paced show with interesting characters, complex relationships and a lot (A LOT) of shooting. It is such fun summer watching because the plot is complicated enough to be interesting and light enough to not get to worked up about it. How does Raylan shoot so many people and get away with it? It’s all part of the fun of the show.

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Man Gobsmacked by GOB’s man

This was originally going to be a blog entry declaring that the best episodes of Season 4 of Arrested Development were the ones that featured GOB Bluth, namely “Colony Collapse” and “A New Attitude.” While I still feel that these episodes are great and hilarious (and plan to tell you why I liked these episodes so much), I don’t feel confident in declaring them the best episodes of the season. Here’s why: upon re-watching these two episodes in preparation for writing this entry, I realized that I hadn’t really seen the season. Yes, I watched it (in a week-long binge) but I didn’t really remember which episodes were good and bad. In my memory, the whole season was all a long string of jokes and repetition, leaving me with the impression that the season wasn’t so great. I frequently smiled, but I didn’t laugh out loud. It was a slog. Or a bog. Or something else that kinda makes a pun with “GOB” as a I was trying to think of a witty title for this article. (ie. “GOB a jewel in the bog”)

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I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl

I am relatively new to the New Girl fan base. I started watching weekly in the early part of season two, on a whim. Week by week, New Girl became the show I looked forward to watching the most. And it was all because of a kiss.

But a bit of background on the show, if you haven’t seen it. New Girl is a half-hour sitcom that stars Zooey Deschanel as the one woman who lives in a loft with three dudes. Think Friends but without the hallway separating everyone.

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