Email Roundtable #11 – Television New Year’s Resolutions

In this edition of the Roundtable we share some television New Year’s Resolutions with you. Happy 2013, everyone!

Katie’s Resolutions: 

3. I, Walter White, will remove myself from the drug game. Otherwise, I will surely die.

2. We, the writers of Parks and Recreation, will stop using Ann Perkins as whatever plot device we require. We will either take the time to develop her properly, or use her less frequently.

1. I, Katie Man, will never again watch an episode of Mad Men on my iPhone. No matter how much I want to watch the new episode over my lunch break, I will wait until I can watch it on a proper sized screen. Gotta respect good product.

Jane’s Resolutions: 

3. I will stop watching Criminal Minds: I have watched every episode of all eight seasons of Criminal Minds. It used to be my favorite guilty pleasure. Some of the story lines were creepy and implausible but the acting was impressive and I enjoyed how the FBI Agents interacted with each other. It is a generally well-written and satisfyingly melodramatic hour of television. Lately I have been disappointed. The stories have grown increasingly more gruesome and the character interactions seem forced and just sort of tacked on at the end of each episode. At the end of an unnecessarily gory episode, I don’t really care that Hotch is running a marathon and I don’t believe that all of the agents would gather to watch him run on their only day off in months.

 2. I will pick up where I left off with Justified and Downton Abbey: I’m not sure why I stopped watching both these shows midway through their first seasons but I’m going to find my way back. I often find myself wondering what’s going on in the lives of Rylan, Ava and those crazy Crawly’s

1. No matter what happens on Homeland next Season I will keep watching: I love Homeland. It is my very favorite TV show. In fact I am probably obsessed with it. Next season I resolve to trust the writers by not turning off an episode when something happens that I don’t like. Last season I vowed to stop watching at least half a dozen times. Three times in the finale alone. What makes Homeland great is that the viewer can never get comfortable in a storyline before the writers turn everything on its head. As a person who is frightened of change, this form of storytelling is  unsettling but intensely rewarding when you follow the episode through. Those writers know what they are doing. So next season I will watch every episode from start to finish, even though I am scared that Brody is still a terrorist. I mean that “goodbye love” business was weird.

Kerri’s Resolutions:
1. More Todd VanDerWerffs, please – The editor of the A.V. Club’s TV Club is a fantastic writer and commenter on all things TV. He has also become one of my heroes for standing up to idiots on the comment section of his website. VanDerWerff grew tired of the misogynist, sexist comments on reviews of Girls and decided to write back to the doofuses (doofi?) who just couldn’t understand how their comments were in any way an issue. Here is a link to his comment: I know you aren’t supposed to feed the trolls and free speech and all of that but I’ve spent tons of time reading comment sections of TV review sites. I can remember weeding through countless comments on Ain’t It Cool News of guys saying precisely how they would like to fuck the various characters on Buffy The Vampire Slayer or which woman was too fat or ugly or had the wrong hair color to be on TV. And, sure, I’m smart enough to know that most of the time these guys are being jerks for the sake of getting a rise out of someone like me. And there are loads of legitimately funny, smart comments in comment sections on these types of websites that are worth reading. But what really got my goat was that no one ever seemed to care about the loads of stuff that was just plain mean. Like, it was the cool thing to do. And it made me stop reading them. And then VanDerWerff did and said all of the smart things that I had thought and lots of other smart things that I wasn’t smart enough to think. So, hopefully, maybe, this year will be the year that the funny, smart comments will take over and the sexist bullshit will go away. I doubt it, but with more VanDerWerffs you never know.
2. Watch more classic TV – Recently I have begun to re-watch Cheers from the start (as you can tell from my blog entry a couple weeks ago). It has been a hugely enjoyable process and I plan to do the same with The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the new-year. That being said…

3. You can’t watch everything or expect anyone else to do the same – Trying to watch everything that might possibly be semi-decent on TV is a fool’s game. There is way too much good stuff (past and present) and it is too much of a time commitment. So, I am resolving to: continue watching what I currently enjoy, give things a shot that might be good but not for too long (sorry Copper), and recommend things to other folks that I think they might enjoy too. I will also resolve not to be too bummed when, inevitably, those recommendations go unwatched.

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