Email Roundtable #44 – Summer Television Secret Santa #2

This week, and for a number of the weeks to follow, we will be doing Summer Television Secret Santa. We each “randomly” chose a name and were given the job of gifting a television show to that person. This week we will be discussing the person we drew, the show we chose for them and why. In the coming weeks we will be pairing down our roundtable to two and interviewing our Secret Santa about the show they were gifted (or forced) to watch. The rules state that you may watch as much or as little of the show as you like and that the gift giver must have seen at least a portion of the show as well. 

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Email Roundtable #43 Borgen


This week Simon and Jane attempt to discuss the Danish political drama Borgen.

Jane: Simon, I’m thrilled that you recommended this incredible show to me. I devoured the first two seasons in a week and a half. That being said I was skeptical about my response to a show about Danish politics. Borgen is about so much more than that though (although the politics are fascinating). How would you describe what is at work in the series?

Simon: Hi Jane! I’m thrilled you love Borgen as much as I do. Your first question alludes to what has intrigued me so much about the show… how it works, and why it works. I’ll start simply with what Borgen definitely isn’t, namely a capital P Political Drama. Continue reading