Email Roundtable #29 – John From Cincinnati

This week on the roundtable we continue with our Summer Television Secret Santa. Jane gifted the short-lived HBO show, John From Cincinnati, to Kerri. Below is their conversation about the show.


Jane: JFC is an intimidating show to jump into. It might be a good idea to start with a brief summary about what the show is about (this is kind of a mean way to start off, I know).

Kerri: I made Katie do the same thing so it’s only fair.

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Email Roundtable #26 – Summer Television Secret Santa

This week, and for a number of the weeks to follow, we will be doing Summer Television Secret Santa. We each randomly chose a name and were given the job of gifting a television show to that person. This week we will be discussing the person we drew, the show we chose for them and why. In the coming weeks we will be pairing down our roundtable to two and interviewing our Secret Santa about the show they were gifted (or forced) to watch. The rules state that you may watch as much or as little of the show as you like and that the gift giver must have seen at least a portion of the show as well. 

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