Raylan vs. Boyd: Sexiness Justified


FX’s Justified is one of the sexiest shows on television and the show’s star-crossed antagonists Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) are as sexy as sexy gets.  In this teen beat edition of The Golden Age of Television, Katie and Jane plead their cases for who is the hottest hunk in Harlan County (and on TV as a whole).

Jane:The enigmatic bad boy Boyd Crowder gets my vote as the hottest man on TV. He’s a fiercely loyal, philosophizing troublemaker who has gone through many transformations since the series pilot episode.

Boyd’s evolution from bank robbing firebug to backwoods preacher to straight laced coal miner to drug kingpin of Harlan can be tracked through his impeccably sexy sense of style. Unlike Raylan, Boyd’s fashion sense is always developing.

In the beginning Boyd’s style was super caj. with a shabby sheek flair. He wore dark denim paired with figure hugging layered tees or ribbed polos.  His star accessory was a super-sized flamethrower which he hoisted on his capable shoulder.

Boyd's Beginnings

Boyd’s Beginnings

Next came Boyd’s born again bible thumping phase. Here he establishes his trends of wearing his stylish shirts buttoned to the neck and folding his delightfully skinny jeans up in a cuff. From this phase on Boyd can usually be seen with a well worn book (sometimes the bible, sometimes not) in his hand. What’s sexier than that?

Boyd Bible

Backwoods Preacher

Even as hardworking coal miner Boyd has the sexy dial cranked to 100. His vintage black glasses, necktie and silver lunch pail are the perfect accompaniments to his adorably soot smeared face.

Coal miner phase

Coal miner phase

As the newly established drug kingpin of Harlan County Boyd is able to rock both a casual and a dressy hipster vibe. When hanging out on his home turf wheel’n and deal’n Boyd is often seen sporting a cardigan over his signature buttoned-up shirts (jean or plaid depending on his mood).

When Boyd’s out to impress/intimidate he dons one of his fancy vests with a time piece dangling stylishly from his pocket.

Drug Kingpin: Dressy

Drug Kingpin: Dressy

Drug Kingpin: Casual

Drug Kingpin: Casual

Boyd is a lover of language. His sharp-tongued and philosophizing wit are crucial to his sexy quotient. He prefers to use his mind over his muscle to get himself out of sticky situations and he can put you in your place instantly with a few well chosen words.  Here are my Top 5 Crowder Quotes:

5. That’s what assholes do Raylan. They get old and die from being assholes

4. I asked him to shut down his poison factory and merely made an observation about its combustibility.

3. You shoulda been on the other side, with me and your daddy. You’d still be able to shoot people, and be an asshole…your two favorite activities.

2.  You’re talkin’ to a man who’s sleeping with his dead brother’s widow and murderess, so if you’re lookin’ for someone to cast stones at you in this matter, I think you’ve picked the wrong sinner.

1. This is our home, Raylan. Now I start to turn on my own people, however contentious at times our relationship might be – well that’s a world that becomes so muddy that even I can’t fathom it.

The one incredibly sexy trait that remains steadfast in the unpredictable Boyd Crowder is his loyalty. Even though their past is tangled and often antagonistic, Boyd always has Raylan’s back. He said early in Season 1 “Raylan, I’m gonna bet my life on you being the only friend I have left in this world,” and he proves that by saving Raylan’s life not once but twice!  The person to whom Boyd is most loyal, though, is the magnificent Ava. He is driven to succeed and change because of his love for her and the hope that one day they can move to a place ‘where the Crowder name is respectable.’ PLUS they have matching bullet wounds in their chests. HOT!!

Lastly, the man can DANCE! Nuff said.

Katie: Raylan Givens is one stone cold fox. While I agree that Boyd Crowder has his moments (Boyd down in the coal mines had me in a swoon), there is just no one hotter in Harlan County than Deputy Givens. His combination of manly-man-ness, impeccable dress and bad-assery make Raylan my TV Dreamboat Extraordinaire. In fact, I would argue that he is the hottest man on TV.

raylan at work

Firstly, there is no denying that Timothy Olyphant is good-looking. But not in the typical, A-List-Brad-Pitt way. He’s more of a steely underdog with a jaw that could break a brick. But in Justified, Raylan carries himself differently than other lead characters on TV series do. Raylan has a magnetic presence on screen that draws the eye to him and only him. His body is kickin’ but the X-factor is his face. Raylan never hides his emotions. You can tell when Raylan is mad, or sad, or happy. That’s a great quality in a man. You don’t have to ask.

Happy Raylan, Annoyed Raylan

Happy Raylan, Annoyed Raylan

The fact that you can always tell what Raylan is feeling, in addition to the fact that he doesn’t talk that much, and when he does, he’s really witty and direct, Raylan is pretty much my perfect man. Except for the fact he’s always shooting people, but hey, at least he’s usually justified.

Deputy Givens

Back to appearances, Raylan Givens is a damn good dresser. He always tucks in his shirt, which is a very classy move. Like any good Harlan County boy, he loves his plaid and his denim, often wearing either under a nice thin sport coat (showcasing his studly shoulders. I bet he gives great shoulder-rides.)

Raylan always looks put together without ever looking like he tried. At all. And check out those accessories, watches, rings, leather belts, thin ties, and not to mention the best of all, that hat. DAMN, RAYLAN! Sometimes it’s too much for a woman to handle!

The best thing about Raylan Givens, besides his looks, is that he’s a smart dude. He can’t fist fight worth a lick, but he can hold his own against the smartest bad guys. As smart as Boyd is, Raylan always ends up on the winning end. After all, he has the full force of the law behind him. And the full force of that sweet, denim-covered butt, too.

Double Denim: Swoon Factor x1000

Double Denim: Swoon Factor x1000

4 thoughts on “Raylan vs. Boyd: Sexiness Justified

  1. I WILL say, as for whom is the sexiest man in Harlan, County? Very hard call, ladies. But, since watching it from the beginning, I will have to say, Boyd is my future husband. Lol. I know. I wish. But there is something; SOMETHING about how Walton play’s that character that just BLOWS my mind (and my heart strings). He is so damn incredibly F’ing sexy that I will admit it is the number one reason why I watch the damn show! Even though it has ALL excellent actors in it, fabulous camera work, etc., I cannot think of 1 wrong thing with this show! And, I will admit, Tim’s denim covered butt isn’t bad to look at neither. Of course, nor is Boyd’s. yummy is all I can say. But, when it comes down too it and I HAVE too choose, I will, hands down, choose my sweet, sexy as HELL, Boyd Crowder.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Gabby Girl. I agree, Walton’s performance is intense, unpredictable and “sexy as hell”.

    Katie, you are right. We dropped the ball. We should have included an accent category.

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