Clip Show

Remember when it used to be acceptable for a TV show to air a turd of an episode – an episode that had a loose frame but only 5% new content? Ah the clip show, that hated episode wherein the characters reminisce about past hijinx and the viewers relieve those once funny moments out of context. Why did they do it? Was airing a terrible episode really better than simply airing nothing that week? Folks, welcome to my Katie Man clip show!!!!

Katie_ copy

If you didn’t know, it’s been almost 3 years since the Golden Age of Television hit the blogosphere. To commemorate this special milestone (and because I haven’t watched anything new since my last post) I’m going to round-up my Top Ten posts of all time (with commentary.)

10. Sunny in a Bottle – I don’t watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia anymore, but there used to be a time when I thought it was one of the funniest shows on TV. It’s good to remember old times. In this post, I write about the episode where the gang plays the game they invented: CharDee MacDennis.

9. Watching My Stories – Here, I tell the tale of my TV-watching life. It’s my first blog post and the one with the most comments (4!). We often get biographical here at the Golden Age of Television, and here I am at my most sentimental about watching TV.

8. Impressed by Derek and Unimpressed by Derek – I really liked the first three episodes of Derek and really hated the next three.

7. Finales and Live TV – My mom was really impressed with this post because she liked all the facts about live TV viewing audiences. The more research that goes into a post, the better the post is, I find.

6. Email Roundtable # 49 – Orphan Black, or, “Waking State of Confusion and the Pursuant Ranting Inevitable” – Kerri and I conduct an email roundtable once a season for Orphan Black. It’s a show that we both like, but season three had some issues. The second last episode of season 3 was an exceptionally bad episode and we spend 2200 words ranting about it.

5. Man Gobsmacked by GOB’s man – Firstly, the title “Man Gobsmacked by GOB’s man” brings this post automatically into the top ten. Secondly, I was really impressed with a few of the episodes (only a few) from Season 4 of Arrested Development and I was really excited to write about those episodes.

4. The Winner’s Edit – I really thought I knew who was going to win Survivor last season. The day after I posted that article, the guy I thought was going to win got voted out, proving that Survivor‘s editors are some of the best in the business.

3. Improv on TV – I had a lot of fun studying how improvised comedy translates to TV, and my research led me to Family Tree, a very funny comedy by Christopher Guest. Studying how TV works and how we watch it is always fun to me.

2. It’s a Parks and Rec Round-Up! – This is also a clip show of sorts. I watched all 21 episodes of Parks and Recreation that year and listed the top ten highlights. The highlight of this blog post is #7:

7. Andy nailing his gold plaque to the wall and giving himself a concussion

In the episode “Campaign Ad,” Andy Dwyer is on a ladder, nailing a gold plaque to the wall. He sneezes mid-hammer, smashes his head into the wall, smashes a big hole through the wall, falls off the ladder, hangs from the hammer, then falls to the ground. It’s a shocking couple of seconds.

1. Will They? Won’t They? Will They Again? – This is my favourite post of all time because it includes my zaniest theory, it took the most research, and it includes charts. My thesis is that is that “if you put two people with good chemistry on a show together, and if the show runs long enough, the two will become a couple.”  I’m thinking about submitting this article to a scientific journal.

Well folks, that’s the Katie Man clip show. I kind of hope you hated it, because clip shows are meant to be hated, but also, I kind of hope you re-read “Will They? Won’t They? Will They Again?” because if you don’t, no one will.

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